Mai arrendersi… fino alla fine.

Beyound Bounds – ZOE the 2nd Runner theme –
Lyrics (della parte inglese)

Message of the blowing wind
Erasing memories
Stars are the witnesses of our existence
Change is what the world awaits
Could that be peace or war?
The answer no one knows
Trusting the break of dawn
The blue bird flies away

Travelling beyond the bounds
We have to take that step
What are we waiting for.
It’s now or never
Fear to see "The World to Be"
Is why we hesitate
Repeat the same mistake
Hoping to break new ground
The blue bird flies away

Reaching out to catch the sun
To hold it in our hands
Longing for something strong to hide our weaknesess
Soon the light may disappear
Nothing is meant to last
Yet we believe our world
Searching for happiness
The blue bird flies away

2 Risposte


    WEEEgrazie x il commento!!cmq diciamo ke me la cavo ma posso fare d mejo…!dv essere veramente ispirata x fa 1 bell\’intervento..cosa ke nn m accadda daji anni 20.. xDvbb cmq la song l\’ho ascoltata (da youtube xk qui nn parte o xlo- nn socm farla partire xD) diciamo ke nn è k m piace assai…vbb so gusti pienz alitaly ..!vbb vado..ciaoooooooooooo *—-*

    26 aprile 2009 alle 14:36

  2. John Doom

    np per il commento.xD ciao!

    27 aprile 2009 alle 17:42


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