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Pokèmon PSP

What’s Pokemon PSP?
It’s a pack I made. It contains the GpSP Kai emulator and the game Pokèmon Leaf Green (us version) and Verde Foglia (it version).
With the music of Giorgio Vanni! (It’s true!)

ATTENTION: You’re fully allowed to play this games (Pokèmon Leaf Green & Verde Foglia) only if you OWN the original game.

Ok, but how can I play this game on my PSP…?
You need a Slim PSP with a CW FirmWare installed. Unpack the file downlaoded and put the "Pokemon" folder in the "X:/PSP/GAMES/" folder of your PSP ("X" is the driver of the psp: it could be F, G, H…).
Run the game through your PSP, press O on "ENGLISH" if you want English texts, "ITALIANO" if you want Italian texts.
Enjoy 😉

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  1. Sorry, I don’t really know. Truth is that I’m still a newbe about wordpress xd.
    I wonder if you can do it by the emails you receive: something like “click on this link if you don’t want to be notified again”

    20 febbraio 2013 alle 10:35


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