Mai arrendersi… fino alla fine.


I found out how to change Blood Omen 2’s textures and I’d like to improve their resolution in order to modernize the game itself. School is coming closer, and so the project will be forced to slow down if I’m going to work on it alone. If you want to give me a help in the texturing part, just tell me.

So that’s my idea:
1) I host on my site a zip with textures and ingame screenshots of them
2) someone accepts the challange and remake them 8x
3) he contacts me, give me the new textures, and I add them ingame using the compiler
4) I record a new gameplay using the new textures and add the new contributor in the credit list.

Today’s texture pack we need to work on (4 textures): DOWNLOAD at

This pack contains Blood Omen 2’s original textures: we do not claim to own the copyright to them.
We just want to remake them in order to upscale them and modernize Blood Omen 2’s graphic.

If you want to try extracting the textures by yourself, you can DOWNLOAD MY EXTRACTOR. (NOTE: You need both .NET and XNA Frameworks installed in order to run the program)

2 Risposte

  1. A

    the links down 😦 any chance of a reupload?

    8 novembre 2013 alle 23:02

  2. i have been doing some blood omen 2 retexturing with texmod. you can see my stuff here

    27 dicembre 2013 alle 16:55


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